We have a major problem in the payments industry - and websites are in the firing line. In fact, 78% of websites are missing critical security patches which can help prevent catastrophic attacks. 

Hackers love an 'up and coming' industry - and with eCommerce being one of the biggest in the World, it could be seen as low-hanging fruit for those who depend on small business owners putting the security of their website low on their list of priorities. 

On top of this, the vast majority of small businesses are using one of the top three eCommerce Platforms - of who's vulnerabilities and exploits are documented all around the web. 

This is why the responsibility of a website's security must be with all parties involved - the hosting provider, the developer and the business owner. 

For that reason, we've developed a Website Security Health Check Service. Within one month you can evaluate the current security posture of your website and get on your way to effective Website Security.

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