For the first time in the state’s history, Louisiana has declared a cybersecurity state of emergency in wake of a wave of ransomware infections that hit three school districts. School districts hold troves of private data, and oftentimes, may not have the resources to keep up with ever-evolving cyber threats, meaning they are ideal targets for cybercriminals.

Details on the cyberattacks have not been revealed, and Gov. John Bel Edwards’ emergency declaration frees up a myriad of additional resources to mitigate the incidents. There is precedent for this sort of response from a state governor due to a ransomware attack; in 2018, a declaration of emergency came after Colorado’s Department of Transportation was compromised with the SamSam ransomware. These latest incidents in Louisiana, however, are part of a much larger issue across America as cities—including Atlanta and Baltimore—are seeing an uptick in ransomware attacks.