A disturbingly large, crowdsourced child pornography site called "Welcome to Video" was taken out on October 16, 2019, saving 23 actively abused children. The bust resulted in the arrest of the site administrator, 23 year old  Jong Woo Son, from his home in South Korea and 337 active site users from 38 countries.  

The freemium site encouraged and rewarded users to refer new members and upload child pornography videos and images. The site's  stash totaled over 250,000 individual videos and graphic images and generated over 1 million downloads. Users could buy a VIP account that provided unlimited downloads for 6 months using Bitcoin. 

The Internal Revenue Service's criminal division was able to trace the site's Bitcoin transactions leading to the unmasking of site participants and worked with the Homeland Security Investigations unit and law enforcement around the world to shut down the operation.